National Defense, Military and Aerospace 

The national defense, military and aerospace industry represents a nation’s overall industrial development, plays a vital role in ensuring national security and stability, sustains and improves the nation’s competitive advantage and promotes world peace. China’s national defense, military and aerospace industry is expected to maintain rapid and sustainable growth that is compatible with global geopolitical developments. Merits & Tree will keep focusing on the legal, policy and regulatory developments in this area, following and analyzing relevant cases in the market, and providing clients in defense, military and military-civil fusion, and military supply industries with professional legal services in connection with structural design, investment and financing, compliance risk management, non-disclosure management, mergers and acquisitions and onshore and offshore listings. 

Scope of Services

- Design equity structures
- Regulatory compliance
- Equity investment and financing, debt financing
- Asset restructuring, establishment and improvement of listing structures
- NEEQ and onshore/offshore listings

- Refinancing, material asset restructurings, mergers and acquisitions

- Anti-trust and anti-unfair competition