Family Law and Fortune Management

Benefiting from its innovative spirit and professional experience across practice areas, Merits & Tree has been able to provide its clients with pioneering, precise and comprehensive legal services in connection with traditional marriage and family law matters, estate planning for high net worth families and their members, and assist its clients to safeguard family wealth and implement inheritance plans with a global view.  Our partners in this practice area specialize in providing litigation and non-litigation legal services with respect to overall family wealth planning, tax planning, immigration, cross-border asset allocation, family business shareholding planning, family trust and insurance planning, forming charitable foundations and family disputes. 

Scope of Services:

- Onshore and offshore family trust risk insulation and inheritance plans
- Disputes with regard to family matters
- Immigration and cross-border asset allocation
- Family and enterprise risk insulation and corporate governance improvements
- Individual and enterprise tax planning
- Family business global shareholding structure
- Multinational marriage jurisdiction and risk insulation planning
- Multinational inheritance jurisdiction and tax planning
- General advice and training