Real Estate and Infrastructure

Our lawyers are familiar with the commercial logic of the real estate and infrastructure sector and can provide efficient and comprehensive legal services based on the core demands of relevant organizations and enterprises. The scope of our services covers primary land development/industrial park development, cooperative development, M&A and financing of real estate projects, infrastructure and concession projects, construction and engineering, urban renewal, commercial property operations, property management, distressed real estate and special asset treatment, construction claims and relevant dispute resolutions, etc.

Our lawyers have accumulated extensive experience by serving hundreds of projects. We specialize in providing high-quality, efficient, and market-leading legal services in specific areas such as: real estate and infrastructure investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, real estate development and operation, commercial property lease and urban renewal. 

Scope of Services:

- Primary land development, industrial park development

- Real estate development, M&A, and financing

- Infrastructure construction and franchise (including PPP projects)

- Real estate construction engineering, FEPC

- Urban renewal

- Commercial property investment and operations, property management

- Distressed real estate and special asset disposal

- Real estate dispute resolution

- International engineering claims and dispute resolution