Family Law and Wealth Management

With compound legal skills and innovative thinking in family and commercial matters, M&T has established a legal service system for family matters and family wealth management, featuring domestic and foreign family trust as well as complex family dispute resolution. Taking a global perspective, our lawyers provide cutting-edge, precise, and considerate legal services to clients.

Our lawyers have worked on hundreds of family services and wealth management projects, and have mainly specialized in providing litigation and non-litigation legal services concerning: corporate top-level structure design and construction, family and family business governance structure convergence, cross-border inheritance and marriage, family philanthropy, cross-border asset allocation, tax planning, and identity planning.

Scope of Services:

- Marriage and inheritance

- Family trust and top-level structure design

- Planning for trust and insurance

- Family wealth management and intergenerational succession

- Dispute resolution with regard to shareholder succession

- Family philanthropy

- Foreign exchange and cross-border asset allocation

- Tax compliance