Investment Fund

Our investment fund lawyers have served many well-known domestic and international investment institutions and corporate clients, including but not limited to renowned domestic and international investment funds (including master funds), and government guidance funds.

Our professional legal skills, good business thinking, and innovative legal services allow M&T to provide one-stop legal services to our clients, including private equity fund manager registration, fund raising, formation, filing, internal governance, compliance, investment, and exit. To date, M&T has advised clients with respect to funds focusing on various industries, especially: healthcare and life science, technology, telecoms and internet, consumer goods and retail, new energy and new materials, industry and advanced manufacturing, national defense, and aerospace.

Scope of Services: 

- Fund manager registration and material changes

- Raising, formation, and filing of RMB-denominated funds

- Raising and formation of USD-denominated funds, QFLP and QDLP funds

- Fund investment (FOF investment)

- Internal governance of funds

- Post-investment management of funds

- Fund liquidation and exit

- Fund compliance and dispute resolution

- Perennial legal counsel