Culture, Entertainment and Media

Merits & Tree’s culture, entertainment and media team has focused on the media and entertainment industry for many years.  All lawyers on this team possess years of experience working in leading companies in this industry, and have maintained effective and ongoing communication with the relevant government agencies. Our team members have abundant experience in projects and industry practice, and are sensitive to changes in applicable regulatory oversights and client needs.  Their in-house and private practice experience enable our team to provide professional and comprehensive legal, commercial, regulatory and practical advice.  Merits & Tree specializes in drafting legal agreements in connection with film and television production, distribution, derivative products and games licensing and collaboration; designing complex production financing and multi-production portfolio investment transactional structure; sports related event licensing and management, professional athletes agency contract and commercial negotiation, periodical licensing and artist agency. 

Scope of Services:

- Investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions
- Data security and privacy protection

- Onshore and offshore listings

- Anti-trust and anti-unfair competition

- Intellectual property
- Dispute resolution