Technology, Telecommunication and Internet

Merits & Tree enjoys a strong reputation for providing legal services to enterprises and investors in the technology, telecommunications and Internet industries.  Merits & Tree focuses on innovative enterprises and business models based on Internet and new technology. Our clients’ businesses cover sectors such as social media, digital culture, e-commerce, Internet finance, cloud storage, O2O, SaaS, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, operating systems and applications, and cover investments and financing at different stages, from newly founded companies through “unicorns”. Merits & Tree’s team has comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs based on sectors and commercial needs at different stages, and provides forward-looking legal service solutions that resolve current issues.

Scope of Services:

- Investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions
- Cross-border transactions
- Onshore and offshore listings
- Equity inventive plans

- Data security and privacy protection

- Anti-trust and anti-unfair competition

- Intellectual property
- Labor disputes
- Corporate compliance
- Dispute resolution