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Zunsi Liu is a partner at Merits & Tree. Prior to joining Merits & Tree, Mr. Liu was a partner at the Beijing Hylands Law Firm and Beijing Tianlun & Partners Law Firm.

Mr. Liu received his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Law at the Dalian Maritime University. Mr. Liu has abundant experience in Corporations, Investment and Financing, Real Estate, Construction and Finance, Trusts, Finance Leasing, Commercial Factoring, Microcredit, as well as Civil Litigation, Arbitration and Administrative Litigation of the above areas. Mr. Liu also serves many government agencies in Beijing and large real estate companies, listed companies, finance leasing companies and commercial factoring companies. He also has been involved in the formulation of laws and regulations such as urban and rural planning in Beijing. His main areas of practice include:

In the field of Corporate Investment and M&A’s, Mr. Liu provides comprehensive legal services for many companies to invest in real estate, tourism, new energy freight cars, etc.

In the field of Real Estate and Construction, Mr. Liu provides comprehensive legal services for real estate companies’ level one and level two developments (including project review, initial stage procedures, construction management, real estate sales), property leasing, pre-tender, construction management, settlement of recovery, etc.

In the field of Financial Leasing, Mr. Liu provides comprehensive legal services for many financial leasing companies (including financial leasing, domestic pilot, foreign investment in three types of financial leasing companies) to carry out financial leasing business.

In the field of Business Factoring and Microfinance, Mr. Liu provides comprehensive legal services for business factoring companies and microfinance companies.

In the field of Litigation and Arbitration, Mr. Liu has extensive experiences in civil affairs and administrative law litigation, and works on over hundreds of cases in real estate development, transfer, construction, housing leasing, finance leasing, private lending, equity transfer, etc.

In addition, Mr. Liu is also committed to the legal research of Finance and Administrative Law. He participated in the making and revision of the "Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Urban and Rural Planning" and "Beijing Urban Private Housing Renovation and Expansion Planning and Management Provisions". Mr. Liu was also the main editing staff involved in the drafting of "Comprehensive Study of Beijing City Planning Administrative Litigation Reconsideration", “Analysis of Mechanism of Beijing City Planning Administrative Reconsideration and Litigation", "Analysis of Illegal construction management" etc.  Mr. Liu also wrote many papers, including "Civil Liability of Securities Market False Statement", "Legal Status of Debtors in Subrogation Proceedings", "Protection and Restriction of Insurance Beneficiaries", "Establishment of Life Insurance Contracts", etc.


LL.B., Dalian Maritime University 
LL.M., Dalian Maritime University

Mr. Liu has been admitted to practice in the People’s Republic of China.

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